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Hi guys! I'm still new here, so give me some time to figure everything out :). I love reading but I guess that was pretty obvious ;) I like YA, dystopian, romance, thrillers, non fiction. Actually all kinds of books! Mostly depending on my mood. Enjoy!

Shatter me


Okay so currently I am reading Shatter me by Tahereh Mafi. I've been wanting to read this book for a while now ( thanks to goodreads my 'to-read' list is enormous..) and because of a reading challenge I finally started it.

I'm not that far yet, about 20% but I don't really now what to think..

She was in that let's say prison(?) and I was like ok is this whole book gonna be about this? It was kindy whiny actually. I mean I get her POV, yeah it's a really sad story, but Juliette hasn't really gotten to me.

I had to look up her name and that's quite sad because normally I connect with the main character very fast. But not with Juliette...

The whole Adam story was kinda weird as well.

Maybe I just have to keep reading, as I said I'm still at the beginning, so hopefully it'll get better.

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